Wood Chip Boilers

Wood chip boilers are best suited to large commercial installations with a high heat load. Nursing homes, schools, hospitals and glasshouses are typical examples of wood chip boiler installations. Wood chip burning works best when the wood chip is not stored for great lengths of time, otherwise the chip gains moisture causing it to become difficult to move through the automated system and it burns poorly.

Wood chip is a very low cost wood fuel. Those with access to woodlands and a work force can bring down fuel costs significantly by bringing the entire cycle in-house. Purchased wood chip is also low cost and readily available, especially in the South-East. Fully automated wood chip boilers require very little intervention. Storage facilities are crucial when opting for these installations.

A Greener Alternative have installed a wide range of chip burning boilers at a variety of property types in and around Sussex. We aim to ensure that the heat load at the property is appropriate for a chip feed, so ongoing use requires little intervention. Wood chip boilers work in combination with buffer tanks and can burn wood pellets if the feed system is altered.

  • 92% efficiency
  • Automated feed
  • Perfect for large installs
  • Dry storage required
  • Can burn pellet

Wood chip boilers can run on a wide range of different fuel specifications and moisture contents. Boiler sizes start at 40kW due to the size of the chip. An installation of that size would be appropriate for a large house. Boiler efficiency is dependent on the moisture content of the chip, therefore sourcing good quality, dry, seasoned chip is crucial in running an efficient boiler. Wood chips are cost effective, especially if you can provide your own wood source. They can be fed automatically from a store of wood chips making it simple to run.