Pellet Boilers

Our pellet boiler range can suit any project and will be matched with the heat load of the installation. We have extensive experience in installing multiple manufactures. We are specialists in installing and servicing Strebal, KWB, Froling and Windhager pellet boilers. Pellet boilers can be either manual or automated feed, depending on the size of your storage space.

When selecting a pellet boiler you are receiving a direct replacement to an oil boiler, as it is fully automated, highly efficient and can reach a high heat load. A pellet boiler requires a buffer tank to store the energy, which is usually sited next to the boiler in the boiler house, however can be located elsewhere. A fuel store is crucial in the automated feed boilers, this can be a pellet box, outdoor galvanized store, or hand built bespoke store.

A Greener Alternative have installed hundreds of pellet boilers around, Sussex, Surrey, Kent and Hampshire. Our specialty is in providing a site specific design which is bespoke for the individual property and customer needs. Our technical team will design a system which will suit the heating and hot water demands for the usage of the property, size a pellet store which will have an optimum size for an economic pellet delivery and choose a pellet boiler manufacturer which has a long life time and highly engineered parts.

  • 97% Efficiency
  • Automated feed
  • Clean burn
  • Direct replacement for an oil or gas boiler
  • Blown delivery

Pellet boilers are the most efficient of the biomass boilers, due to the pellets having a guaranteed low moisture content, standardized size and high density. They have the simplest controls and are the closest to oil or gas boilers in terms of maintenance and operating intervention. Pellet boilers can be manually loaded or automatically fed, depending on the size of the installation.