Log Boilers

Our log boiler range covers external and internal installations. Log boilers suit people with large storage options and a readily available supply of wood. Log burning is a lifestyle choice, as you will not only require a source of wood, but will be required to load it by hand and clean out the chamber. The log boiler will require loading between twice a week and every day, depending on the hot water demand and outside temperature.

We consult with forestry partners across Sussex and the South East in wood burning. We have written feasibility reports for land agents and facility managers on rural estates. A log boiler is an ideal solution for a person who is set up for wood burning. It is a low cost fuel and in some cases the fuel is completely free, as they are burning logs coppiced or felled from their own woodland.

We are specialists in a wide range of log boilers including; Eco Angus, Central, Froling, Strebel and KWB. Log boilers are robust simple products which have few moving parts, therefore maintenance is rarely an issue. The user interface attached to the more sophisticated Austrian boilers allows for better control and advanced efficiency, thus bringing wood burning into the 21st century. Not only do we supply log boilers in and around Sussex, we also provide these services nationwide.


Internal log burning boilers offer a convenience similar to that of an oil boiler and are perfect if you have the space available.


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Eco Angus

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The outdoor log burner is especially suited to situations where giving up internal space would be a compromise, it offers an ideal solution with minimal disruption to the infrastructure of a property.


Boiler efficiency is dependent on the moisture content of the log, therefore sourcing good, quality, dry seasoned logs is crucial in running an efficient and effective boiler. Logs are extremely cost effective, especially if you can provide your own wood store.