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Alongside the installation and servicing of renewable heating systems, we also provide an essential service of home insulation installs for general purposes or to work in conjunction with your heating system. Insulation is essential around the home and is often installed in your loft, walls, crawl spaces, and so on. A Greener Alternative are expert loft and cavity wall insulation installers in Sussex and throughout the South East, we know the energy savings and heating benefits that proper insulation will bring to you and can recommend the most appropriate solution for your requirements.

Any heating system will work much more effectively if as much of the heat as possible is kept within the building. An uninsulated house full of draughts will quickly leak much of the valuable heat being pumped around the property, be it from a traditional boiler or a renewable heating system. Heat will have often leaked out of an uninsulated property before you have even been able to feel the benefit of it, and consequently any heating system installed will be working much harder than it needs to; in a scenario without correct insulation, you may find yourself constantly turning up the heating but finding little benefit.

Quite simply, any home with inadequate insulation will lead to cold occupants, higher heating and fuel bills, increased carbon emissions, and an uncomfortably cold home. All in all, it is a losing situation, especially during cold winter months! But the good news is that our team can provide a solution in the form of Insulation installs throughout Sussex and the South East. Our team is actively installing renewable heating systems, along with cavity wall insulation and loft insulation across Sussex and the South; covering many areas including Brighton, Crawley, Worthing, Horsham, West & East Sussex, Kent, Surrey, Hampshire and surrounding locations.

At A Greener Alternative we offer an insulation check with all new heating quotes and recommend improvements which can be made to your current levels of insulation to make the most out of your new heating system. Our skilled team of insulation fitters can then undertake the work as part of a new heating system install or as a standalone insulation upgrade which will boost the efficiency of any existing heating system.

Typical insulation upgrades include:

  • Loft insulation – This is one of the most effective ways to retain heat, a quarter of heat can be lost through the loft and roof due to the rising nature of heat. Loft insulation can also add to your homes value.
  • Room in the roof insulation – Similar to loft insulation, keeping in heat through insulating the rafters of the top of the home, but catering to a living space within the loft, ensuring walls and the roof are fully insulated.
  • Floor insulation – The floor insulation can be overlooked but can save you money on your heating bills and prevent heat escaping and cold from entering the home.
  • Solid and cavity wall insulation – One of the most effective ways to insulate the home is wall insulation. There are some differences between solid and cavity walls but the benefits are largely the same, saving you money and containing the heat within the home.
  • Draughtproofing – It’s not just about keeping the heat in, its also really important to keeping cold out and measures such a draught proofing can have a huge effect on keeping homes warm.


To find out more about loft and cavity wall insulation in Sussex and across the South East, or to enquire about any of our renewable heating services, then you can contact us on 01273 455 695 or use our contact form to find out some more information…