National Trust Site West Sussex

This is an install of a 75 kW KWB Pelletfire biomass boiler. The boiler house includes a 10.5 ton pellet store, which is a big bag option, this allows for enhanced quantity within the space. Two 1500 litre thermal stores provide the home with all of its hot water and heating needs. A Greener Alternative decided to site the boiler in an outhouse building, utilising an existing space and cutting down the installation costs. The biomass system is connected to the main house via underground Rahau pipe, this has high insulation properties and minimises heat loss. The pellet store is located in section of the outbuilding adjacent to the boiler house, a hole was formed and an auger fitted to transport the pellets through to the boiler.

Key facts

Project cost: £43,652

RHI payments over 20 years: £201,254

Estimated fuel saving over 20 years: £100,000

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Klover Smart 120

This is the traditional cream Klover Smart 120. It is the first pellet cooker to be approved on the MCS approved appliance register. This means you can cook, provide heat for your home and hot water, whilst receiving RHI payments. This installation was a simple process, the customer decided to situate the Klover in a utility room and utilise the cooker element as a back up to their conventional oven in the kitchen. This Pellet boiler has allowed the household to move away from oil burning and the unpredictable price of fuel bills.

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