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Outdoor Wood Gasification Boilers

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Wood Burners & Boilers

Room Heaters (link http://www.agreeneralternative.co.uk/content/roomheater)

Are Biomass boilers suitable for  domestic and commercial premises?.

Yes, depending on the size of boiler installed, a biomass wood burning boiler will act as a replacement for, or as a supplement to you existing boiler heating systems.

Biomass boilers go up to large scale industrial sizes, perfectly suitable for large commercial premises and operate best when combined with a thermal heat store. These are purpose built hot water stores that retain heated water until it is needed. Highly insulated, they store spare 'heat' generated by renewable systems and can deliver almost instant heating to your systems when required.

Wood burners or Wood burning stoves (link to http://www.agreeneralternative.co.uk/content/roomheater) can act as a single room heater or, with a back boiler, also partially or fully heat your home.

Are biomass log burning boilers eco-friendly?  Biomass systems are wood-fuelled heating systems that burn quick-growing, renewable wood.

It may sound strange, but Wood is Stored Solar Energy

One of the benefits of burning wood-based fuel is that it only releases as much carbon dioxide as was absorbed during the period that the tree was growing so it doesn’t add any more to the environment. Even better if the trees are locally sourced as the fuel used to deliver your fuel is far less, as is the impact on the environment.

When considering this impact on nature, by installing biomass heating systems you are acting to help future generations.  This is because burning wood for heating generates lower sulphur dioxide emissions compared with using fossil fuels, in addition, the world's supplies of fossil fuels, such as oil, gas and coal, are rapidly diminishing and they are not renewable but are becoming increasingly expensive.

See our range of :

Outdoor Wood Gasification boilers

The E Classic range – (link to http://www.agreeneralternative.co.uk/images/documents/eclasicpage.pdf)

Outdoor Wood Gasification boiler from Central Boiler

The Classic range – (link to http://www.agreeneralternative.co.uk/images/documents/classicboilerpage.pdf)

Large Outdoor Wood Gasification boiler from Central Boiler


Indoor Wood Burning Boilers

Froling P4 Long combustion pellet boiler, guaranteeing very low emissions.

( Link to http://www.agreeneralternative.co.uk/images/documents/p4_sales_brochure_03-08-09.pdf)

Froling S4 Turbo – burns up half-metre pieces of firewood

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Wood burners or stoves can act as a room heater or, with a back boiler, also partially or fully heat your home.



Don't buy a wood burner or biomass boiler until you are sure of the correct size needed.

We are contacted by many people who have purchased a wood burner or boiler that is either too large or small for their needs. They find themselves spending too much on fuel or not getting value for money.

We urge you to contact any qualified HETAS or Microgeneration Biomass certified organisation for a proper survey BEFORE you buy. They can also recommend a wide range of certified appliances that qualify for government grants of up to £1500 towards the cost.

The Greener Alternative will be happy to perform such a survey and calculation for you. We can also suggest reputable suppliers, stocking certified appliances that we will be delighted to install for you.

Biomass Boilers, Wood Burners & Stoves: Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire & Kent

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